Almora on SteamDeck ( about 600 FPS! )


About 600 FPS on SteamDeck ❤️

I am working on Almora Darkosen for PC ( Steam ) and SteamDeck console version. I am so happy it runs with about 600 FPS! It’s a really good score 🙂

For comparison, the mobile version on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra reaches a maximum of 500 FPS

Se you soon Almorians!

New update! v1.1.63


Hello Almorians! New version is out!

v. 1.1.63

  • CORRECT SCREEN PROPORTIONS! (no more display stretching!)
  • Ukrainian language added
  • Improved interface (GUI)
  • Ability to increase/decrease attack buttons
  • Pause in the background during Ads (without Premium)
  • Many translation fixes – Russian
  • Many translation fixes – English
  • Minor translation fixes – Chinese
  • Many obstacles in the Dungeons (dark holes) have been removed
  • Many small fixes
  • The game is being prepared for new platforms (PC/Steam, SteamDeck, NintendoSwitch, PS5, XBOX)


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Gamepad support! Almora Darkosen update 1.1.47


Hello Almorians!

New version is out for Android and iOS. This is one of the last big updates before Almora Darkosen 2. Yes I am working on both – hard life of developer 🙂
The next step ( because of gamepad support ) is to make GUI 1:1 ( not streched ) and port the game for NintendoSwitch, SteamDeck, Playstation 4/5 and Xbox Series.

What’s new?

– Chinese language added
– Possibility to set the position of the attack buttons
– Possibility to turn off the analog stick
– Function buttons have been made smaller for a better view of the game
– Increased game performance by 20-30% !
– Bug fixes
– Translation fixes

Download Android:

Download iOS:

#almoradarkosen #indiegame #indiedev #rpg #gamemaker #gamedev

New update! v1.1.32


Hello Almorians! New update is available for download ( iOS and Android ).

What’s new?

– MINIMAP! (can be enabled/disabled)
– Trees no longer block the character and turn transparent when the character is under them
– Slightly brightened dark locations
– Added some new portals
– Ability cost balance (points)
– Improved analog control
– Fixed typos in translations
– Fixed a bug with attacking monsters during offline advertising
– Essences and Tokens go into the stack when the inventory is full
– Ability to disable Essence
– Buttons have been improved
– “Auto-Save” pops up as an icon instead of a text
– Fixed a lot of minor bugs…



Thank you so much Almorians!

I am really so glad! Soon will be some materials from Almora Darkosen 2 ( follow the YouTube channel: ).

Also in a few days there will be an update for Almora Darkosen 1. It will contain many bug fixes and improvements. The most important element will be the minimap!

Thank you again for being with me – for being with Almora!

Almora Darkosen site on Facebook!


Hello again Almorians!
There is a new official Almora Darkosen Facebook page! Feel free to join the community! You can find there news, photos, screenshots and other stuff from current and future dev content.

Unfortunately, I could not recover the previous page and all posts are gone 🙁 I hope we will rebuild this wonderful Facebook community TOGETHER! ❤️⚔️

Thanks for all the shares and likes on the page!