Guide – English

Herbs and flasks

Try not to consume herbs. Instead use them at the crafting table. Empty flasks are very cheap and crafting pots is a good source of potions and extra EXP. Especially handy at early lvls. Crafting two empty flasks DO NOT give exp. Potion size that you craft does not change the gained exp so it is good to use herbs to craft biggest pots possible.


Whenever you upgrade your gear with ORES and TOKENS you can see outcome of new item on the right side of the screen. Pay attention to new items requirements as they sometimes can go up. Also good source of EXP.

Shovels and pickaxes

Keep at least two shovels and pickaxes in your inventory and then few of them in your Deposit as on few maps you have access to it during adventures. Keeping few spare potions in depo can also be handy.


Use Mercenaries as you need some assistance in battles. Their hired time goes down only when engaged in combat. You can give your Merc some potions or food, he’ll use them if needed.

Passive skills

Do not ignore Passive Skills. There are few very useful skills that make the game more…enjoyable.


When exploring new map it is wise to buy some Battle and Defensive essences. Battle adds 30% to your attack power while Defensive reduces the incoming damage by 30%.


Be curioius, roam, explore. There are plenty of hidden treasures on the map. Use the Minimap as discovered unopened chests and Ores will be marked on it. You can check which key is required to open chest or locked doors by clicking on the icons located on the minimap.

Do not rush to dig ores/treasure chests as your character is vulnerable to attacks for few seconds.

Resting / regeneration

Sometimes when on adventure you can find campfires with few chairs/wooden stools around it. You can sit on those and regain Hp and Pp in no time. Handy when out of potions and don’t want to go back to town to restock.

Items from NPCs

Quest rewards are always left on the floor by the NPC’s so don’t forget to pick it up!!!

And yet another bit of useful information:

Be aware as this world can be punishing if you’re not ready to take on the adventure. Take it slow, explore and get the right skills that will help you to survive and face the lurking danger.

When you start your Adventure with Almora it is advised to go through the tutorial and get the basics. There are some mechanics that can be new to some gamers.

Antidote potion is very handy for removing and preventing ‘Poisoned’ and ‘Burning’ statuses. Time of that potion is going down when engaged in the fight.

Whenever you are on unexplored area make sure there are no monsters around you when attempting to dig the treasure or mining the ore. This action cannot be interrupted.

When you get near monster nest and it’ll hatch in close contact there is high probability that you’ll become swarmed. This will root your character and make you unable to run away. Rooting can also happen when too many monsters will surround you at the same time. Be aware of that!!!

Good place to gain exp is always the area where monsters are around 2-3 levels higher than you. This is inicated by the RED WARNING ⚠️ above the monster along with the number telling the lvl difference.

Not every piece of equipment is possible for upgrading. Whenever there is possibility for upgrade there is a small list of required items to forge them right under the item description and stats.

Read the NPC’s dialogues. There are many instructions on how and where you have to go to accomplish your quests. Makes life easier.

Some areas, dungeons mostly, have no minimap. This can make exploration difficult but not impossible. Be careful there and learn the surroundings.

Mercenaries and few things to know about them:

They should be treated as a support rather than main hitter if you use their help. Do not rush into crazy fights as they can be swarmed and die before you realize what has happened.

Keep him healthy!!! You can equip most healing consumables to your Merc and unequip them when needed. When decide to unequip your merc will drop them where he stands.

Whenever you roam already explored areas it’s wise to set his attitude to Defensive. Press on Merc Avatar -> Shield Icon above his head. In defensive mode your merc won’t be starting any fights with mobs UNLESS he is being attacked. He will defend himself but this wont turn off Defensive attitude. It will preserve his duty time.

Going to new map resets Defensive attitude back to Offensive.

Whenever you sit on the stool by the fire or inside the building your HP and PP wil restore, your Merc will sit on closest stool and his HP will be restored as well.

You can’t hire Merc when you already have one.

Merc that was set free of his duty, has run out of duty time or died miserably can’t be re-hired. Mercs are one time hire only so take good care of them.

You are unable to change their EQ. They have their setup so it’s wise to replace old Merc with new one as you come across one. Stronger Merc means better support.

If your Merc duty time is running out or you want to hire new one make sure to take his potions away as he will take them with himself and won’t give back.


You will find answers to many questions in the F.A.Q section