Darkosen… An ancient circle located on the Almora Island.
Hundreds of years ago, it was believed in the almighty God, Darkosen,
and it was claimed that he was the creator of the Almora Island.
It’s been decades since the three magic stones went missing from the Darkosen Circle,
some believed that if they put these stones in the right places in the circle,
they would be blessed and immortal.

For hundreds of years, none have been able to find all magical stones,
so those who sought became apathetic, and abandoned their fruitless endeavours.
For even they weren’t sure what would happen when the stones were placed back in it.
And so in time, over generations, faith in the God Darkosen weakened.
For some time this circle was considered more of a symbolic place,
a place where those few people could rest and pray.

However, in recent weeks the situation has become dire on the island.
People began to transform into twisted forms
the native wildlife mutating into chaotic beasts,
the creatures were possessed with power and violence.
Chaos reigns on the island and the struggle for survival begins,
Bandits prey on the weak, forcing many to hide in forests and caves.
Some cities have become fortresses, or lonesome outposts, desperate to survive.
People stop trusting each other and start worrying for their families.
Many isolate themselves or gather in taverns, drinking themselves into a stupor,
not caring about what’s really going on.
Few believe that the city authorities are able to control the situation.
They wait, hoping the threat will pass,
but with each passing day it’s getting worse…

Some have committed to find the stones once more and return them to the circle.
Those who seek immortality and great power have risen in number.
The faith in the stones has returned, some even claim that it was Darkosen who, in his wrath
sent evil forces to attack the island… But what really happened?

There your story begins. You have travelled from Alebra,
a neighbouring island where you lived with your mother.
A few years ago your father has passed away,
and not long afterwards your older brother went missing on a quest,
he swore to find the magic circle and bring father back from the dead.
Your mother can’t get herself together after losing them both..
A year has passed, and you’ve sworn to her you’ll find him..
And bring him home…
Your father was a shipwright, and both of you had been working for many years building a huge wooden ship.
Finally, you’ve completed the ship feeling sad, though, that your father couldn’t see it.
Preparing the right crew, you set out to the Alberian Sea,
Following in the footsteps of your brother…

One month later…

The weather conditions change suddenly, the sky turns red, heavy storm begins,
dark creatures fly above you, dust fills the air, the sails break and your crew begins to panic.
While trying to escape on a lifeboat, you are hit by a broken sail and pass out.
The waves pull the boat to the shore of the island…
You wake up dazed, barely alive, in the floundering lifeboat..

The storm took everything away from you, looks like you’re lucky you have survived.
Will the stones of Darkosen circle save the island?
Will you help to release the island from this curse, and reunite with your brother?

Almora Island awaits!