500.000 Downloads! Almora Expansion Announcement!


IMPORTANT UPDATE ( December 2022 )

It’s time to start the adventure again…

Almora Darkosen 2

More informations: https://almoradarkosen.com/almora-darkosen-2

Previous news:

Almora has 500,000 downloads!

Thank you all for your commitment and participation in the game!

The number above is proof of how much you like Almora, and it gives me the greatest pleasure – there is nothing better for the game developer than satisfied players. It really is an amazing feeling!

You proved that you needed the rest of the game, even though this one is over. In the future, my goal is to create Almora Darkosen 2, but in view of the above situation, I decided to make an extension to the current version, i.e. Almora Darkosen (expansion pack)!

This may include new territories, new monsters, new skills, new items and the story continuation!

At the moment I am busy improving and fixing the current version. As you know, the game is very complex and as of today it is translated into 10 languages. What is missing is primarily the iOS port, CloudSave and game pad support. I am working hard to bring it all in. I think it will take few months to implement all of this. By the end of this year, it should be fine, with iOS and SaveCloud now prioritizing.

Next year, work will begin on the rest of the game, i.e. the expansion of the current one. Will it be free? Yes of course! There will still be optional Premium, but not required to fully complete the game expansion.

Premium users will receive an in-game “support badge” and new ( optional ) game features as a thank you for their support! More details coming soon… THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT!

I know there is some of FAKE PREMIUM accounts. It’s really shame on some players who hacks the game and my hard work…
Especially that it is possible to play the game for free with a few ads, thanks to which there will be funds to create an additional part of the game.

So, Fake Premium users will lost their game progress and character stats will be erased… They will be no longer able to play current version and the Expansion Pack with Faked Premium.

I do not like to take such steps, but if someone does not respect me and my work, I have to implement it. Sorry…

Wish me good luck, because there is a lot of work ahead of me, but fortunately I also have help from some great friends, and I feel that this is not the end, because Gear-Studio plans to expand the team!

Stay tuned on the official game website and Discord. Discord already has about 1,000 active players and there are frequent updates about Almora.

Thank you for all for the support with the purchased Premium accounts, thanks to which we can develop the game and its subsequent parts, and thank you for all help with the project.

Many thanks are also due to many people for helping other players make their way through the island of Almora! You’re very active on Discord and helping other players – that’s great!

Until next time, and in meanwhile, see you again in the world of Almora!

Grzegorz Borkowski